Sunday, 3 March 2013

NTU White Project, 'Organic Architecture'

 These are the final photographs from my White Project at NTU. I took my inspiration from 'Organic Architecture' which consists of elements such as nature, natural structures, insects and plants. Through my research I found that through natural structures I related it a lot to protection and the concept of armoury for living things. For instance the bark of a tree offers protection to it as a shell on an insect would. I wanted to create an ideal that the clothes we wear act as a form of protection to our soft and fragile bodies.

From this I then thought of how an insect would have an inner body and then an exoskeleton on the outside. I sourced a stiff Organdie to become my human's 'exoskeleton' and a soft bleached Calico to become the tangible and soft innards.

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