Friday, 6 September 2013

Vote For Me on WHOY!

I've been playing around with my designing abilities on the very cool site...WHOY.
From what I've gathered so far, WHOY is a site that produces a crazy array of printed leggings. (And they are all extremely awesome) 

So what they're doing nowww is launching a competition for young designers such as myself to design as many pairs of leggings as they wish (with their own artworks). The designs with the most votes will be made and sold on the WHOY online shop! 

It really is great fun just designing some pairs, so do join, design and please vote for my designs!

Just click here...

Here are some designs I've made so far...
I've used all of my own photography and digital edits for these designs!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ella's Wishlist; Poppy Bouquet Necklace!

Layla Amber is a site that maybe not many of you know of but she makes incredible jewellery!
This necklace in particular I think is just amazing! The colours together are gorgeous and the attention to detail is stunning! They're amazing prices and beautiful pieces for any outfit!
(P.S. I've just bought one!)

Layla Amber, £20.00 - BUY HERE

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ella's Wishlist: Daisy Jumper!

I love this daisy jumper! Its fun, girly and the colours of the daisies are simplistically set off by the jet black base of the jumper. I want one so badly!

Daisy Street, £14.99 - BUY HERE

Top 5 eBay Buys!

So a few days ago I receive this very nice email from eBay congratulating me on my 4-year anniversary as a buyer on the site. Now to be honest I didn't even know that I'd been a member for that long! And it even made me feel a little old, but I couldn't forget all the amazing things I've found on eBay over the years! 

There is definitely a knack to eBay and you have to know where to look and what to look for. But after you've done your research it is very worth it.
Here are my top 5 eBay buys...

1. I seriously adore this bag! The design is not only adorable but quite different to a lot of high street pieces. Based on the picture the quality of material looks quite good and it generally seems like a rather unique bag! (I've just bought this!) Jiujusun Blue Horse Shoulder Bag, P+P £19.41 - BUY HERE
2. These skorts are adorable. They're not too short either which is always a plus for me. The design is very celebrity inspired and I've DEFINITELY not seen any skorts like these in the shops. (I bought these too!) Buzz_sale2011 Wrap Skort, P+P £6.98 - BUY HERE
3. I've been meaning to buy a pair of these for a while for the wet Autumn/Winter months to come. I think they're very cute and girly while suiting my rather boisterous style at the same time. Plus these shoes are normally pretty comfy too! Popshoes1 Retro Ankle Boots, P+P £22.95 - BUY HERE
4. This ring is really pretty and I think a great touch to a rather vintage inspired outfit. The turquoise and bronze go very well together and the bird design is lovely too. Specials-2010 Birds On Tree Ring, P+P £1.99 - BUY HERE
5. I've recently been seeing some jelly creations in the magazines all through the line-up to summer. What I haven't seen though, and what I actually love, are these jelly bags! They have a lovely opaque pouch inside and are decorated with lovely little jelly flowers. Amazing, I love it! Shanghai-magic-box Jelly Handbag, P+P £18.98 - BUY HERE

I hope you love my eBay picks! Let me know which are your favs!
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ella's Wishlist: A Gentleman Watch!

I keep coming across all sorts of watches really and what really seems to be trending is this VERY quirky moustache design! I think it's fun, lively and certainly lets anyone know that you're lighthearted and up for a laugh. 
It has a really nice tan leather strap which does compliment the gold very well, and almost give the watch an ironic professional feel. Really do love this one! And it really is just £8.99!

MissGuided, £8.99 - BUY HERE

Monday, 2 September 2013

Guy Clothes That Girls Can Steal...

We all know that there are girls out there guilty of stealing their boyfriend's jumpers, shirts and whatever else...I certainly am. The 'boyfriend look' is certainly one that guys everywhere are aware of merely because of their clothes going missing! Its that baggy and casual look that girls love and I myself do love the androgynous appeal! 

Here are some pieces to please both you guys and gals...

1. You may have seen this tee on the site before, the reason its appeared again is because its a great find for both guys and girls! Its a gorgeous print and I'd wear this let alone my boyfriend. River Island Amsterdam Print Tee, £18.00 - BUY HERE
2. Although maybe slightly girly for a guy? I love this patterned t-shirt. Its different, jazzy and would look pretty cool on a hipster guy or as a casual tee on a girl. River Island Tapestry Print Tee, £18.00 - BUY HERE
3. This jumper is crazy but fun! Definitely more for the outlandish kind of guy, but as a male jumper for a girl I think it would work extremely well and I am VERY tempted. ASOS Banana Jumper, £30.00 - BUY HERE
4. Hats are pretty much for absolutely anyone. What designers think makes a hat particularly 'masculine' anyway I'll never know! But this is just nice and trendy for any guy or gal really. ASOS Bobble Beanie, £20.00 - BUY HERE
5. Absolutely love this jumper! The design is really cool. While being very suitable for a guy to where with any casual outfit, its also very androgynous and any girl could pull this off with some jeans or leggings to be honest. Bellfield Landscape Jumper, £40.00 - BUY HERE

There are SO many pieces out there in menswear that girls can very very easily pull off. What I say to girls is to branch out! Don't even just look at womenswear but at mens as well! 

Tell me what you think of this post in the comment box below!
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Menswear Monday: Look Cool On Campus

As some of you might be prepping to head back to school or uni, the question "what clothes do I take?" will always arise! If you're looking to be the cool kid on campus, but might be just a bit worried that your wardrobe's outdated, this post on campus chic is sure to give you some inspiration and sprout ideas!

1. A pair of converse is pretty much a must for young students! They're trendy, comfortable and really do go well with any casual outfit! Office All Star White Converse, £44.99 - BUY HERE
2. Whether you're off to school or uni, anywhere you go this backpack is perfect for carrying anything you need and a great colour and style too. It's the sort of colour you can break up the greys and blues of your jeans and jackets with. River Island Backpack, £25.00 - BUY HERE
3. Be that A* punctual student with this very trendy and smart watch from ASOS. The brown leather strap will go with any outfit plus the watch face is nice and simple, so no eye-saws on your wrist! ASOS Brown Leather Watch, £35.00 - BUY HERE
4. Jeans are an obviously choice for every guy off to school or uni. This pair I think are particularly nice because of the colour, length, turned up ends and the price! The colour will certainly go with a wide range of coloured tops, hoodies, accessories and more! Topman Skinny Jeans, £30.00 - BUY HERE
5. Uni students are well known for their hoodies, they're comfortable and good for slouching at home after a day of lectures! This one in particular is a great colour and would go with tonnes of different t-shirts and shirts. ASOS Zip Hoodie, £19.00 - BUY HERE
6. Absolutely love this Amsterdam print tee. Its different yet subtle in design, plus the colours of the print work very nicely together. River Island Amsterdam Print T-Shirt, £18.00BUY HERE

Tell me how you might style any of these items below!
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Ella's Wishlist: Birdy Ring!

If you loved the Elephant ring from Oliver Bonas, you're going to love this sweetheart birdy ring from MissGuided. 
I think it's incredibly cute and ever so simple (which I love). It's not over-the-top and is just the perfect little finishing detail for an outfit. (Plus it's an amazing price!)

MissGuided, £4.99 - BUY HERE

Sunday, 1 September 2013

10 Best: Bag The Look! Best Back to School Bags!

Its time for this months 10 best buys! And I've certainly got an interesting variety of different bags for you to get excited about going back to school!
Everyone wants a bag that looks great, feels great, carries everything and lasts too!

1. This bag is just great for everyday use, its simple, stylish and very sleek
Topshop Plated Holdall, £40.00 - BUY HERE
2. Satchels are a seriously hot topic in the fashion world at the moment! With amazing bright colours and prints coming about, I still love this natural finish as its smooth and just pretty really.
Topshop Painted Satchel, £34.00 - BUY HERE
3. If you're looking for some brightness in your life then this shopper is perfect for you! Its a snake effect but very subtle. I also love the zip detail on the sides.
MissGuided Snake Effect Shopper, £24.99 - BUY HERE
4. For that beautiful and bright finish to an outfit, get noticed with this crazy neon yellow bag that is guaranteed to make your life that little bit sunnier! 
MissGuided Neon Yellow Wallet, £10.99 - BUY HERE
5. This bag is slightly crazier than the rest but its tonnes of fun! The mix of bright colours with tanned leather somehow works without looking tacky!. 
Daisy Street Bow & Studded Yellow Satchel, £24.99 - BUY HERE
6. Laser cutting is one of my favourite details EVER in just about any piece of clothing or accessory. I love the contrast of that metallic grey and zesty orange, its refreshing and exciting
Daisy Street Laser Cut Clutch, £14.99 - BUY HERE
7. For something simple that blends in, this is the bag for you. Nude colours match with anything so that makes this a very versatile bag which is easy to work with and kind to your wallet
Mango Metal Detail Shopper, £49.99 - BUY HERE
8. I serious adore this bag! the bowling bag is simply a must for any outfit! Its simple, stylish and a great shape. I love the simplistic thread details down the straps as well!
Mango Patent Bowling Bag, £19.99 - BUY HERE
9. For taking all that stuff here, there and everywhere a rucksack is really a necessity. It's easy to carry and easy on your shoulders, no more back ache from shoulder bags!
JOY Striped Rucksack, £35.00 - BUY HERE
10. This ones just simple but really very pretty. The colours together compliment each other really well I think and pastels seem to be creeping their way back into our high streets. So play along with this no-as-obvious pastel choice.
Oliver Bonas Carousel Clutch, £35.00 - BUY HERE

Tell me which bag you love the most, in the comment box below!
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Saturday, 31 August 2013

News Flash: Neon Wetsuits!

If, like me, you're crazy on swimming, surfing and all things water-sport. OR! You love a bit of brightness and maybe a bit of lycra as well! I genuinely have one perfect and incredibly cool news flash for you today!

So I was browsing the internet and came across the very chic and trendy Neon wetsuit company. A bit of an odd find I must admit, but their site is amazing and actually FUN (yes, fun) even if you're not buying anything! Let me give you a tour...

First off, there's tonnes of different style of wetsuits, including some two piece suits, swimming costumes and then the proper wetsuits. Not only are the designs on these pieces both wonderfully simple, they're also very striking and bold. Which is exactly what you want when you're showing off your crazy water moves! 
The uses for these suits don't even have to stop at water-sports! I can see them being used in gymnastics, gym sessions and EVEN maybe a leotard number for going out of the town...let me know what you think!

These are just a few examples of how cool these items look! The very best part of this company, though, is that not only are designs fantastic, you can customise your own colours. Let me demonstrate...

So here you can choose the different colours for various sections. I think it's absolutely brilliant and a great way to bring some personality to the clothes you buy! For just £100 on average per piece, its not that bad to have something original and different. 

These suits have to be my favourites though! 

What I love about this suit is that it's just so simple but bold! Not only are the colours lovely together, its powerful to look at, and for a competitive swimmer like myself that's what I like in a swimsuit. The suit is also made in a seamless fashion, making them ridiculously comfortable!

Now these pieces are certainly the unconventional choice for a swimmer, but they look very comfortable along with a lot of room for a manoeuvring swimmer! Plus! The patterns together are just great and ever so stylish!

If you love these suits just like I do, comment below and tell me what you think! How would you wear them unconventionally?
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