Friday, 23 September 2011

Fashion Design @ Central St Martin's

I took a 5 day course at the University of the Arts, London, Central St Martin's...and it was so amazing!
It was at the Charing Cross Road site, which sadly they have now left, meaning me and the other students were some of the last students in the site which acts as a nice memory. It wasn't particularly the site I enjoyed though, it was the subject itself; it felt as if I were reiterating my Textiles A-level but in more depth which would be a life dream if I could. The project was 'London' which was a little harder for me to get as excited about as the others seeing as I have lived here my whole life, moving from Central to North then South and back to Central.

I enjoyed every second of the research, running around London like an absolute maniac, gathering any bits of information and photographic evidence. It was quite an intense course and made me realise that I really needed to step up to the mark in order to hack the pressure, but! I did also realise that even the pressure is enjoyable when it comes to the subject that I love.

I did take a cheeky opportunity to take some photographs of the inside of the Charing Cross site as a bit of a momentum as well as an opportunity to get some interesting rustic photos which helped with an extra-curricular art project I was working on at the time.

Anyway bottom line is that it was so fun! And I am definitely prepared to take Fashion Design onto the next level. Happy reading guys and girls :)
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