Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Working Music: Maximo Park, Little Comets & The Wombats

Seeing as summer has now arrived it seems that I have more work to do than across the school term SO, this calls for a super working playlist. I thought that i'd give you links to the music I have been listening to through my summer when working.

My first track for you is this:

On the 24th July 2011 I went the the Ben & Jerry's Festival for the day, which by the way was absolutely brilliant and I recommend you go next year, and I somehow managed to get to the very front of the audience when Maximo Park was playing. I'll admit I only liked a few of their tracks before but they really were amazing live and I love more of their stuff now, so here you go and enjoy!

Saw the Little Comets live at Ben & Jerry's as well and may I say they were great! Definitely buying their album!

By far one of my favourite songs! Will be seeing The Wombats in October, can't wait!
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