Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Can You Marry A Pair Of Shoes?

LCF teamed up with New Look on a one-off project where some varieties of shoes were produced and then supplied to New Look stores. Ruth Jones produced these beautiful entities and I have reason to believe that 100 were produced? Do correct me if I am wrong. They cost me around £50 but oh my was that a £50 well spent. I am considering marriage at this point.

Me, being scared of heights, would prefer not to think about the specifics on heel height but I can walk in them which is the main thing...and without a zimmer-frame thank you.

The wedge itself is rather shiny where as I believe the rest of the shoe is made out of suede, or at least it feels as though it is. They do not hurt at all which is always nice and I can twist around the buckle so that it isn't on my ankle bone as well.

I just completely love these shoes! Thank you Ruth Jones!
Do let me know your opinion on them, or whether you bought a pair or a different pair from the same collection, Thanks for reading.

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