Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hey everyone! Graduate Fashion Week, finally done!

After a ridiculously long break, taking time to do my exams etc etc I am finally back and ready to do some more blogging!

Graduate Fashion Week was absolutely AMAZING! and by far the best experience of my life so far!
It took me a grand total of 40 hours to make my dress including a few injuries involving needles, but I won't provide the gory details.
Here is a picture of my final dress being displayed at Graduate Fashion Week London, June 2011. Please leave me some feedback, it would be great to hear your opinions!

Graduate Fashion Week, June 2011

The bodice was the easiest part which is ironic as it took me hours to get the dimensions right with the boning. Jersey is an absolute NIGHTMARE to work with! Stay away from it kids! It did take me a while to pin and move around the boning but when I got it done the hard work had proven to have paid off. After this I then had hand sewn on faux flower petals onto the shoulder, layering them irregularly causing a thickened bush type of effect. Posterior to this I began working on my epic train. I had bought 3m of plain white silk and after various dyeing of the silk itself as well as scraps of plain white silk and mixed fabrics, I had a variety of interestingly coloured textures. I burn holes and bleached my main piece of fabric causing a decaying effect. I then severed 1m off of the length and cut them into triangular segments, after this I made a 1m slit up the train and sewed in the segments in order to produce a flared and fuller skirt. Later, having free embroidered all of my scrap fabrics, I filled all of the holes with my same scraps, yarns, ribbons and more, thus stabilising the fabric (so it would not tear). Then it was finally time for finishing touches. I free embroidered the train itself, stuffed different areas with wadding and stuffing in order to create a fungus effect and then secured them with wire which gave the train some extra weight. Lastly I hand stitched the faux flower petals randomly about the train, in doing so I made a stronger link between the bodice and train.

Please leave some feedback, I would love to hear what you have to say, thank you!
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