Saturday, 7 May 2011

Disgustingly Stunning Jewellery by Märta Mattsson

In 2010 Märta Mattsson created a collection named 'Rebirth' consisting of nature inspired jewellery pieces of which intrigued viewers with its obscure beauty juxtaposed with it's rather revolting concept. Mattsson stated that, when a student in Tokyo, the other students created a new neologism for her work, that being "KimoKawaii". When broken down this consists of kawaii (cute) and kimoi (disgusting). 

Mattsson goes onto to mention that she makes jewellery for adults but with inspiration from her childhood, such that as a child nature was a large aspect in her life in a sense that she would play with "stuffed animals, slugs and other living animals". However, comically she also gains inspiration from Pokemon so she says...

Within her collection butterflies have been dissected in half, indulgently stuffed with semi-precious stones, featuring yellow cubic zircones, and then set into resin.  I feel that the collaboration of such attraction and repulsion is a great concept to play with. The colours of vibrant yellows, bold blacks and subtle mint greens embedded in the wings of the butterflies, are all mesmerising in an innovative way. However, the true pieces de résistance are most definitely the black Copper Electroformed Beetles that are particularly predominant  within her work. The hollow cavities of these beetles are broken in half and crystalized, providing an ambrosial finish. 
By Angela Fusco
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