Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sarah Burton, Confirmed Designer of Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

On the morning of 29th April 2011, as Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey, on course to marry her Prince William Windsor, Sarah Burton is finally confirmed to be the designer of Kate's much awaited wedding dress.

 The dress was beautifully fitted with individual panels on the skirt, magnificent embroidery on the rim of the dress and bodice as well as a luxurious sheath of lace covering the Princess' shoulders and arms. As the new Princess embarked on a national emotional event, it was her dress that dazzled most. Commentators made a remark on the modesty yet beauty of this magical creation of Sarah Burton's. 

 The stunning fit of this dress really emphasises the wonderful figure of Kate and exemplifies her fine taste. The V-neck cut and lace compliment each other gracefully. Whilst being modest and acceptable within a church, Sarah Burton has clearly taken a modern twist for this particularly modern couple.

By looking at this particular picture you can clearly see the separate panels in the skirt, in doing this the dress swings better and fans out better thus creating a trail which falls and follows beautifully. Following the Dress, however, lies a fairytale-worthy ending with the UK's newly wedded royals. I wish them the best in life as well as a long and wonderful life together.
Thank you for reading.
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