Saturday, 7 May 2011

Graduate Fashion Week & I

It is with joy that I can now announce that I have been officially selected by George to design a dress for it's sponsorship stand at Graduate Fashion Week this summer! I can also say that I will be the youngest student to have their work showcased at Graduate Fashion Week and believe me, I am SO excited!

It all began with my 10 week course with FAD, which I have already written a report on, followed by a further jurnalistic job with George ASDA, a re-styling session with a large bundle of their garments and then (unexpectedly) an offer to compete for a place in the sponsorship stand, there being only two available places.

The winning design.
1st Version

After spending a week or so filled with joy and elated jumping around, it actually hit me that the timescale of which I had to make this darn dress was shockingly slim. As I am in year 12 and my exams are rapidly approaching, I made the tough decision to delay all making until after my last exam (26th May). Unfortunately this leaves me a nervous 4 day gap in which I must make my dress and have it ready by the 31st of May.
So, my plan of action? Simply to make a particularly detailed plan of which I will have to follow religiously over the 4 day period including rough time targets and pray that I can get through this! Nothing will ever make me regret this opportunity though. Although I am looking at a painful sentence of 72 hours awake, It will be such an astounding experience that I just cannot find any negatives...well, apart from the 72 hours.
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