Friday, 22 April 2011

Swinging Sixties Fashion

My mum and aunts during the 60s.
The 1960s was the decade of Nylon, dresses, blouses and the famous mini skirt by Mary Quant. Recently high street brand Topshop seems to have been inspired by the retro 60s and it's unique fashion. The transition from metres of fabric within the 50s New Look to the 60s Mini Skirt was innovative and very iconic. The fashion of this era brought women into a new age of brighter and bolder patterns and colours.
  There are some particular clothing items within Topshop that i particularly like; they reflect the 60s quite beautifully.

Topshop, £26.00
Topshop, £32.00
Topshop, £48.00
Topshop, £68.00
Topshop, £50.00
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