Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Ultimate Uni Wishlist

This is the ULTIMATE Uni Wishlist, which caters for your bedroom decor, classroom essentials and wardrobe fancies. Everything you could want or need is in this major checklist for your uni/school prep this year!

Comment below and tell me what's your uni MUST-HAVE!

Bedroom Decor

1. Uni is full of socialising, so make sure you never miss out with this adorable door stop, Argos, £17.99 - BUY HERE
2. Keep your friends and family close to home with this multi-coloured all-in-one picture frame, TIGER UK, £3 - BUY HERE
3. Cover up the dust and boring old floor with a bright and bubbly pineapple theme rug (I'm definitely buying one myself!), Urban Outfitters, £14 - BUY HERE
4. Bring some sunshine into your room with this very funky tea-light holder, Oliver Bonas, £4.50 - BUY HERE
5. Brighten up your life with these awesome fairy light that won't break the bank, TIGER UK, £5 - BUY HERE
6. Everyone loves print at Uni! So jazz up your room with this amazing cushion, Ikea, £7 - BUY HERE
7. Keep your room nice and organised with this unbelievably cute jewellery stand, Urban Outfitters, £15.00 - BUY HERE

Classroom Essentials

1. Keep all your bits and bobs together with this very cool converse style pencil case, TIGER UK, £4 - BUY HERE
2. Glam up your nails for lectures with the awesome nail rock polish, Topshop, £7 - BUY HERE
3. Take down all your notes in style with this jazzy printed assortment of notebooks, TIGER UK,  A4 £3 A5 £2 A6 £1 - BUY HERE
4. Organise all your studies with a mid-year diary that has style, John Lewis, £5.99 - BUY HERE
5. Rub out stuff while looking cool with these cool and yummy cupcake erasers, TIGER UK, 6 for £1 - BUY HERE

Wardrobe Fancies

1. You'll look out of this world (if you'll pardon the pun) with this snazzy galaxy print top, great for both during the day and partying at night, JOY, £25 - BUY HERE
2. Back to school with a retro satchel, enough space to fit all your bits and books and enough style to get you noticed, Topshop, £34 - BUY HERE
3. Give yourself some lift with a bit of a heel on a pair of black boots that can be worn for ANY Uni occasion, New Look, £24.99 - BUY HERE
4. A pair of black heels are a definite MUSTMUSTMUST for uni nights out, they go with everything and therefore you don't have to break the bank (and less packing!), ASOS, £24.99 - BUY HERE
5. (Just bought this jacket!) Its lovely and warm with a hoody and cool with a t-shirt, perfect Uni material and pretty hipster, ASOS, £38.00 - BUY HERE
6. Again a very multi-purpose buy! These leggings are great for the day (and warm during Autumn/Winter) plus great during the night when you're out clubbing it up, ASOS, £25 - BUY HERE
7. Everyone at Uni has jazzy socks! So you really just have to buy these, they're adorable plus easy on the bank, Dorothy Perkins, 3 for £6
Pug Love, £2.50 - BUY HERE
Grey Spots & Turtles, £2.50 - BUY HERE
Fox Print, £2.50 - BUY HERE

I really hope you all enjoyed the Ultimate Uni Wishlist! 

Please comment and let me know what you thought! 

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