Friday, 5 July 2013

Bernina Love

Having just started my first year at uni I was unfortunate enough to have a severe sewing machine malfunction. My trusty John Lewis own brand sewing machine of a little over 6 years just decided not to work so well anymore, and that it would chew up bundles of thread and pretty much spit them back out onto my work. However, over a long time of saving and a few months of departing with savings, I completely kitted myself out with equipment I expect to be lasting me around 20+ years! (at least it better)

At the young age of 11, I first learnt how to sew on a Bernina 1006 machine at school, a stubborn machine that had refused to break after at least 30 years of being put through it's paces. However, I fell in love with it's visually unsatisfying charm because, without a doubt, Bernina sewing machines are the best quality despite any Brother, Janome or Singer even at its prime.

So a few months ago I bought myself a classic Bernina 1008 machine, possibly one of the best decisions I've made. And at least with a Bernina, when something goes wrong, you can guarantee the mistake is behind your (or in this case, my) askew sewing.

In order to fully prepare myself for a lifetime of sewing, however, I did need to buy my very first overlocker and mannequin. I honestly know very little about overlockers and so trusted in the brilliant salesmen at (which I highly recommend to any sewing regardless of level!) who advised me (yet again) that a Bernina machine, even an overlocker, would be sure to last be around 20 years as opposed to any other machine. These machines don't exactly look pretty but then again what serious sewer cares about appearance over practicality in a sewing machine?

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