Thursday, 21 April 2011

McQueen's New Direction Launches Fall 2011 Collection

Having embarked on what only can be described as a riveting and sensual display of the Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, it is evident that the undefeatable legacy of McQueen lives on. With Sarah Burton as the new creative director, the extravagance and innovation indeed develops and is reborn within the new direction. A neutral palette was displayed accompanied by a playful touch of lilac amongst the otherwise natural collaboration. The ferocious and archaic black reflected a rather unfeminine, gothic and sinister theme which was then contrasted with the softer whites and delicate beading embellishments. As the garments were paraded down the catwalk It was palpable that a geometric and linear effect was being achieved and thus juxtaposed to the soft touch of feathers which lined the rim of the dresses, perhaps there was a combined theme regarding birds such as ravens and swans. There was most certainly a meeting of opposing elements. The classic and sinister bell shaped skirt, being both structural and immutable added a clean cut and hard-set ambience about the garments. The signature piece was, most definitely, the intriguing fairytale dress. With a soft blue beaded and glistening bodice accompanied by a delicate white, ruffled and feathered skirt, this dress indeed stole the spotlight and reflected all the best in Alexander McQueen. As the structure was formed so beautifully around the model and the layered innovation simply balanced on top of one another, this sculptural piece of art confirmed the safety of McQueen’s long lived Legacy.
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