Thursday, 21 April 2011

Iconic Brand Chanel Launches Fall 2011 Collection

Chanel is a French fashion house, founded by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, in 1909. Having started out as an orphan growing up in a convent, her skills developed as she was taught by nuns in the art of needle work. She transformed womenswear in a time when the corset was fashionable and scrapped it in favour of a more masculine look. She created the little black dress along with introducing suits for women which were often made out of Tweed which she acquired a love for during her affair with the Duke of Westminster. The masculine silhouette revolutionised the modern day world as well as fashion. Clothing for women became far more utilitarian and therefore placed women in a more powerful and ambitious role in society. Chanel still holds its renowned name as an iconic fashion brand, turning over millions of pounds every year. It is famous for its innovation which continues the legacy of Coco Chanel, indisputably one of the most prestigious women in fashion.
  The most recent collection, fall 2011, recreates a classic look with a modern twist, referring back to the early 1930s Chanel. The masculine silhouettes replicate Chanel’s original designs and Chanel remains with its original concept of de-feminising fashion.  The famous quilted 2.5 chain bag returns once again, mirroring past fashion and proving that Chanel really is a timeless and versatile brand. Dropped waistlines, tweed blazers and the classic clean cuts all return with a black and white theme to support the vintage Chanel.
  Chanel returns with the reinvention of the little black dress which portrays a far more modern twist on a much loved classic look. When a design such as this comes round time and time again, it goes to show what a true innovation it is. Chanel designs for the moneyed sophisticates with a penchant for Parisian chic. With power at a woman’s fingertips, Chanel clothing simple dresses the persona within it, empowering the woman within.
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