Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Top 5 eBay Buys!

So a few days ago I receive this very nice email from eBay congratulating me on my 4-year anniversary as a buyer on the site. Now to be honest I didn't even know that I'd been a member for that long! And it even made me feel a little old, but I couldn't forget all the amazing things I've found on eBay over the years! 

There is definitely a knack to eBay and you have to know where to look and what to look for. But after you've done your research it is very worth it.
Here are my top 5 eBay buys...

1. I seriously adore this bag! The design is not only adorable but quite different to a lot of high street pieces. Based on the picture the quality of material looks quite good and it generally seems like a rather unique bag! (I've just bought this!) Jiujusun Blue Horse Shoulder Bag, P+P £19.41 - BUY HERE
2. These skorts are adorable. They're not too short either which is always a plus for me. The design is very celebrity inspired and I've DEFINITELY not seen any skorts like these in the shops. (I bought these too!) Buzz_sale2011 Wrap Skort, P+P £6.98 - BUY HERE
3. I've been meaning to buy a pair of these for a while for the wet Autumn/Winter months to come. I think they're very cute and girly while suiting my rather boisterous style at the same time. Plus these shoes are normally pretty comfy too! Popshoes1 Retro Ankle Boots, P+P £22.95 - BUY HERE
4. This ring is really pretty and I think a great touch to a rather vintage inspired outfit. The turquoise and bronze go very well together and the bird design is lovely too. Specials-2010 Birds On Tree Ring, P+P £1.99 - BUY HERE
5. I've recently been seeing some jelly creations in the magazines all through the line-up to summer. What I haven't seen though, and what I actually love, are these jelly bags! They have a lovely opaque pouch inside and are decorated with lovely little jelly flowers. Amazing, I love it! Shanghai-magic-box Jelly Handbag, P+P £18.98 - BUY HERE

I hope you love my eBay picks! Let me know which are your favs!
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