Monday, 2 September 2013

Guy Clothes That Girls Can Steal...

We all know that there are girls out there guilty of stealing their boyfriend's jumpers, shirts and whatever else...I certainly am. The 'boyfriend look' is certainly one that guys everywhere are aware of merely because of their clothes going missing! Its that baggy and casual look that girls love and I myself do love the androgynous appeal! 

Here are some pieces to please both you guys and gals...

1. You may have seen this tee on the site before, the reason its appeared again is because its a great find for both guys and girls! Its a gorgeous print and I'd wear this let alone my boyfriend. River Island Amsterdam Print Tee, £18.00 - BUY HERE
2. Although maybe slightly girly for a guy? I love this patterned t-shirt. Its different, jazzy and would look pretty cool on a hipster guy or as a casual tee on a girl. River Island Tapestry Print Tee, £18.00 - BUY HERE
3. This jumper is crazy but fun! Definitely more for the outlandish kind of guy, but as a male jumper for a girl I think it would work extremely well and I am VERY tempted. ASOS Banana Jumper, £30.00 - BUY HERE
4. Hats are pretty much for absolutely anyone. What designers think makes a hat particularly 'masculine' anyway I'll never know! But this is just nice and trendy for any guy or gal really. ASOS Bobble Beanie, £20.00 - BUY HERE
5. Absolutely love this jumper! The design is really cool. While being very suitable for a guy to where with any casual outfit, its also very androgynous and any girl could pull this off with some jeans or leggings to be honest. Bellfield Landscape Jumper, £40.00 - BUY HERE

There are SO many pieces out there in menswear that girls can very very easily pull off. What I say to girls is to branch out! Don't even just look at womenswear but at mens as well! 

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