Thursday, 15 August 2013

News Flash: Dorothy's Return, There's No Place Like Home...

As Warner Bros. turns 90 years old one of their best-loved films,  The Wizard of Oz, also reaches its 75th birthday!
For just one week at the end of September, the company will be celebrating with another launch of the film... in 3D style!
We’re all excited at Muse to see how the film turns out! (And we’ll be first in line to watch it too...) But what we love the MOST is that famous blue pinafore and those ruby slippers. Which has inspired us to show you how you too can either create that classic Dorothy look, or mix it up and be the new urban kid on the yellow brick road.
Here’s how… 
Topshop £40.00 - BUY HERE
Boohoo £25.00 - BUY HERE
Boohoo £30.00 - BUY HERE
Topshop £25.00 - BUY HERE
Topshop £7.50 - BUY HERE
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