Wednesday, 21 August 2013

DIY! From Boring to Beautiful Shoes...

Hey everyone and welcome to the Urban Attic's new feature...DIY DAY! 
On the 21st of every month I'll be posting either a step-by-step guide or video on how to create your own amazing pieces!

Everyone's had those times where everything you're wearing is just frustratingly bland and basic. But more difficult than most to jazz up are your shoes!
Well Musers, you needn't worry your little toes because with our tips on how to create one funky pair of shoes that no one else will have, you'll never again return to your boring days!
Here's how to turn a pair of bland shoes, into a bonkers pair of cat face pumps...
Tick List:
- A pair of shoes (with a round enough toe for some drawing).
- Tape
- Black & white paint
- Sponge brush & small brush
5 Easy Steps:
1. place a piece of tape over the toe for the cat's face.
2. paint over the toe of the shoe with black paint.
3. Peel off the tape when dry and, with a small brush, paint small triangular ears on the edge of the black toe.
4. With the wrong end of the small brush, dip it into some white paint and dot on some white eyes.
5. Lastly with your small brush paint on a nose, mouth and whiskers.
Et voila!...
View the official illustrated steps at
Footwear extravaganza no.2...
Turn an old and plain pair or canvas shoes into a walking masterpiece!
Tick List:
- A pair of canvas shoes.
- Some white and yellow fabric paint (or whatever colours you prefer).
- A fine paint brush.
- A pencil.
2 Easy Steps: 
1. Draw on in pencil whatever design you want on your shoes.
2. Using your different paints, paint over your design carefully.
TOP TIP: for straight edges, use some masking tape to stop your design looking messy!
and, ta-da...
View the official illustrated steps at
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