Friday, 12 July 2013

Throw Away Fashion

In our modern society it is sad to say that we do have a 'throw-away' culture; that, stubbornly, we cannot shift. We gain a thrill from purchasing something new, showing off by wearing it out or clinging onto that deluding 'new car' smell. However, one day, that piece of clothing that we would've fought for in a sale or begged for at christmas will inevitably become something that is 'unfashionable', a fashion faux pas, something you 'wouldn't be seen dead in'. But why throw it away? Who says that we even have to? It's a perfectly good piece of fabric, maybe made well and is in impeccable condition. So how do we know exactly when Fashion passes its expiry date or even if it ever does?

Design teams in all brands design to a schedule. Spacing their collections from every 2 weeks to 2 years, essentially they do have the power to control what our tastes are and what our wardrobes look like. But that still does not explain why we seem to feel a piece of clothing is 'unfashionable'. In my opinion fashion never becomes undesirable completely, perhaps the general public thinks so, but not me. I tend to wear my clothes until they are almost worn out, but when I stop wearing something completely I try my hardest to keep it. As many of you I'm sure have noticed, the different fashion eras repeat themselves continuously, regurgitating various styles which we have all had in our wardrobe at some stage, or maybe our parents. If you can help it, keep the old clothes you have and even customise them if you want. Its not even just an environmental ploy but a style one too. I'll follow this post up with some customisations of my own just to prove how you can save money and your dustbin.
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