Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Time to talk Ethics!

Ethical Fashion

What is meant by the term 'Ethical Fashion'?

Ethical fashion means that fashion has been produced in suitable conditions where workers are treated fairly and ethical issues such as fair pay and labour are adhered to.

Marks & Spencers is a particular retailer that is proud to provide ethically produced fashion as they have a fair trade cotton range that has been certified by the faitrade association. This range has been produced in suitable conditions for the workers who made the garments.

Fast Fashion

What is meant by the term 'Fast Fashion'?

It is a technologically advanced supply chain that can respond to consumer demands quickly. Retailers pick up on the consumer's wants and is constantly producing new and varying products on a grander scale. Fashion is recreated at least every few weeks which suffices the consumer's supposed 'needs'.

Why has Fast Fashion grown hugely in the past ten years?

It has grown due to marketing growth. The consumers are mainly encouraged to buy in order to boost the economy and aid in bringing the country out of the recession. Also due to marketing growth the idea of being 'cool' has reached a scale where consumer's (particular teenagers) have a burning desire to fit in and so purchasing new and 'cool' clothes will help them achieve their desired lifestyle. However as soon as something is discovered as being 'cool', it stops being cool and so the cycle begins again.

Who is to blame for Fast Fashion?

There is not one person to blame for fast fashion as it is the consumer who evokes it but the retailers who promote it. Consumers have the great power in deciding how much fashion they want and when. It is simply a ploy to get money in the eyec of the retailer and so of course they will oblige to the consumer's wants, although more consumation is encouraged and promoted in advertising by the retailer.
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