Thursday, 21 April 2011

Street Style: The Colourful Sarah & Sophie

Sarah Dautzen (Left) & Sophie O'Donoghue (Right)
Sarah: Visiting from Suffolk, Sophie: Visiting from Africa
Both Love: Bright colours, coloured jeans
Brightly coloured jeans have been in fashion for a while and do come back around every now and then. However, it has been a while since I last saw a pair of psychedelic jeans and it is certainly great to see them coming back onto the fashion scene once more. This photo also reflects how trends have been traveling internationally, right across to Africa, where Sophie has travelled from. These best friends and their technicolour jeans have been inspired by the neology of modern day life. It can be quite hard to match brightly coloured jeans appropriately with the right top, cardigan or even bag. When in doubt stay plain! There is nothing worse than too many colours so simply go for a plain white or black top or a simply striped tee, as Sarah is wearing. For the brave hearted, such as Sophie, you can try and match the colour of your jeans with one of those in a top, but keep the design simple still, you definitely do not want to over do it! From personal experience, I understand the feeling of a colour overload.
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